Thursday, July 24, 2008

Elisa - Updated LIRC Info

I thought it might also be useful to post the direct mappings that I'm using (so you don't have to fish through my LIRCrc file).

Here is a list of button mappings I'm using that are working:

Move Up (in menu)move_up_key
Move Down (in menu)move_down_key
Move Right (in menu)move_right_key
Move Left (in menu)move_left_key
Back/Previous Screen (in menu)toggle_menu_key
Volume Upincrement_volume_key
Volume Downdecrement_volume_key
Jump/Seek Backwardseek_backward_key
Jump/Seek Forwardseek_forward_key
Toggle Fullscreen Modetoggle_fullscreen_key
Close Elisaclose_key

The following bindings no longer work (since v.0.3.1). I'd like to find out the new bindings (or find out if these are going to be fixed).

Toggle Play / Pausetoggle_play_pause_key

And lastly, I'd like to find out the mappings (or would like to see them created) for the following functionality:

Fastforward / Rewind (not seek/jump)
Jump to playing media (when in the menu's and media is playing, return to the playing media from anywhere)
Jump to home-screen (jump to the home menu screen from anywhere in the menus)
Next/Previous song or media item in playlist or folder (currently I have to seek forward to get to the next song)
Randomize playlist / folder list for playback
Next Visualization (Jump to the next visualization when songs are playing)
Page Up/Down (in menus - to allow faster scrolling of long media lists)
Jump to Top / Bottom of List (again in menus)

I'm sure there are more for this last list that I'm not thinking of... but that's a good starting point. If you know the mappings for any of these, please share! Like I said in my previous post, I'm willing to put together the LIRC documentation if I can get my hands on all the information.

Perhaps some of this will change with the upcoming 0.5.1 release as well. I'll do some testing when the Ubuntu deb's come out and report my findings.

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